Darby Kloweit

Personal Trainer



Rockford, Illinois
I have always been an athlete, I played golf and I swam for my whole life. I was a Division 1 swimmer at Valparaiso University and I have always had a love for all things fitness. I worked in the Kinesiology Lab, helped out in the athletic training office for other sports, and worked in a physical therapy based Chiropractic Office. I have a passion for injury prevention and performed a study in partnership with other universities, called, "The Impact of Shoulder Conditioning Exercises on Injury in Collegiate Swimmers". I obtained a B.S. Exercise Science from Valparaiso University and my NASM CPT. I was attracted to personal training because I found out young that I loved anatomy and the fitness industry, so I studied it and fell in love with helping others in the gym. I love the idea of being held accountable, because sometimes it is so hard to find the motivation and that is why I am here, to help hold others accountable and reach their goals! My main goal when training people is safety in the gym, proper form and technique when working out is the difference between an injury and success. I also love helping others feel more confident in the gym, it can be an overwhelming place, especially for beginners but there is always a place for those willing to step through the doors. Helping others create a sustainable & maintainable lifestyle is the best part of this job!


B.A. Exercise Science - Valparaiso University have my

NASM-CPT - Certified Personal Trainer


"My husband and I retired last year. We knew that we needed to stay active. We chose Pivotal Fitness. Since this was my first time at such a place, I decided I wanted to work with a trainer. Darby and I were introduced the first day. She asked questions about me and what my needs are. She would plan each individual session. Always challenging me and pushing me forward. She showed me different exercises that fit me. Even though I no longer work with Darby, I still do the exercises that she taught me. Darby was great to work with. She was the difference I needed to get moving and stay active in my retirement." - Linda Morton, Pivotal Member since October 2021
"My husband of 43 years was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease.  After my retirement, I became his primary caregiver, spending 24/7 with him, which entailed a lot of inactive time together.  After his passing, I spent the next year grieving, with little to no energy for even getting out of bed each day.  After my most recent annual physical, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and recommended a pill treatment with worse side effects than the disease itself.  I chose not to take it...I took my health into my own hands.
I made changes to my diet and medications and then added a workout regimen to improve both muscle and bone health; this is where Darby and Pivotal Fitness came in.  Darby spent a month with me with one-on-one exercises and weight lifting techniques that I have continued religiously. She has always made herself available for any questions I might have and is always there with an encouraging word or a shoulder to lean on (I still grieve). Her knowledge, professionalism, and kindness have been instrumental in both my physical and mental health.  I am grateful daily for both Darby and Pivotal Fitness." - Donna V
"When I joined Pivotal I was apprehensive as to my commitment.  Darby was a great help getting me into my workout routine. She designed exercises that were at my level of fitness. She is knowledgeable, but most of all she is cheerful and has a great positive attitude.” - Stewart M.