Andrew Fernandez

Personal Trainer



I have always played sports and been interested in an active lifestyle, but high contact sporting injuries took over my career. While in physical therapy I realized the value of what physical therapists do, especially for those who want to get back into being active, but I also realized that most people found physical therapy boring or unenjoyable. A sentiment that I shared while in physical therapy several times throughout my high school career. I knew from that time that I wanted to help people understand their body’s, how to move well, and without pain or discomfort. During college I interned at several physical therapy clinics, including the Bon Secours- Washington football team facility in Richmond, VA. At this time I was also doing personal training and coaching at VCU’s campus gym, but after I completed my degree I decided it was time for a different path. I pursued and completed ACSM’s certification for Exercise Physiologists, which allowed me to work for a local physical therapy clinic. For roughly a year I was the assistant to the clinical director and helped her with any tasks or patients she couldn't take care of. I learned and experienced a lot in my time there, much of which I still use in my training today as it helps my clients stay well rounded and holistically fit. In my time as a personal trainer and PT assistant, I've worked with all types of people and body types. I have experience working with seniors through PT, but also have experience working with middle age and teen clients through personal training. I believe that movement is medicine and can help in so many aspects of life; everyone should know what their body is capable of. As a trainer my goal is to help others achieve what they’re capable of.


  • ACSM: Certified Personal Trainer/Certification for Exercise Physiologists
  • VCU SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY - Exercise Science & Nutrition