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Top 10 Must Haves for Yogis of All Levels

Top 10 Must Haves for Yogis of All Levels

Great yoga supplies provide many benefits and can be a terrific addition to your practice. These accessories can help by allowing you to practice poses regardless of your age, physical condition, or by how advanced you may be. They’re effective tools for lending support, stability and balance, while building flexibility.

  • Yoga Socks and Glove Socks – These provide the necessary grip to hold poses and maintain balance during yoga sessions. Additionally, wearing yoga gloves can give your wrists added support, and socks can protect you from the risks from others walking barefoot.
  • Silicone Yoga Joint Pads or Jellies – If you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or joint pain these pads can offer cushioning and stability under the weight-bearing parts of your body.
  • Yoga Blocks – These blocks provide balance and support while allowing poses to be held comfortably for a longer period of time, and enabling more flexibility as well.
  • Water Bottle – Yoga can get hot and it’s important to stay hydrated. Try a reusable, bpa-free stainless steel water bottle that’s safe, durable, and easy to carry.
  • Yoga Ball – Rather than exercising on a flat surface, a ball creates instability, which requires extra balance, and utilizes more muscles in your body.
  • Bolsters – Use these to do exactly what their name implies, to bolster or support a part of your body.
  • Mat – Find a durable, high quality mat as you’ll be using often. Some mats require only soap and warm water, but some can be cleaned with a mat cleaner.
  • Stretch Strap or Belt – A yoga strap can make postures more accessible, as they encourage flexibility.
  • Blanket – This can provide support and comfort in some postures where your body may not be flexible enough. The higher it is rolled or folded, the more support it provides.
  • A Yoga Bag – Of course now that you have all these terrific accessories, you’ll need a great bag to carry it all. Find the shape, color, and size that works for you and head over to your yoga class in style.

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