Tiffany Dennis Q&A

Tiffany Dennis Q&A

Tiffany has been a fitness enthusiast, teacher, and advocate for healthy living for many years. She is a prominent team member of Pivotal Fitness, teaching group fitness classes, coaching premium workouts and training private clients.

Although Tiffany has experience with many different types of clients, she excels with Moms who want to “Bring sexy back” into their lives. Being a mother, keeping a hectic schedule and staying fit all at the same time is the lifestyle Tiffany leads. Therefore, she is the best coach for those like-minded mommas.

If you are trying to fit into those skinny jeans, get back to bikini shape, or bring your sexy back, Tiffany is the trainer for you.


1.)What is your favorite exercise that you use most frequently to train your clients, and why?

I don’t have one favorite exercise. I do, however, have a favorite type of exercise. I love training the midsection. Planks, mountain climbers, inchworms, v-ups, burpees, and Russian twists are a few of my go to moves. I also like to incorporate equipment like the TRX, stability balls, and sliders for core training. A basic plank can become quite different if your feet are suspended in TRX straps or if your elbows are on a stability ball. Try putting sliders at your feet and doing mountain climbers or tucks or using the bosu ball for burpees. These are all fun ways to spice up your core work.

2.) How do you stay motivated throughout the year to stick to your fitness routine?

I stay motivated by setting goals for myself. After my second son, I wanted to be not only fit enough but confidant enough to compete in my first bodybuilding competition. I committed to a show, a date, and my goal. I didn’t know a thing about bodybuilding shows at the time, so I hired a coach that helped me with my program. It was quite the role reversal for me, as a trainer, to have someone telling me what exercises to do and what to eat. At first I struggled with someone bossing me around but I quickly realized the value of my coach. I had someone encouraging me, holding me accountable, and helping me reach my goal. And I did. That journey did not lead me to bodybuilding fame but it did teach me a lot about my role as a trainer and coach.

3.) What tip would you give to people that are struggling to stay on track?

 If you are struggling with your fitness program, try something new. As a trainer, of course I would encourage personal training or small group training first. If that’s not an option, there are plenty of other things you can try. Coached workouts and group fitness classes are not only great workouts but an easy way to get more connected in a gym. If the workouts aren’t what’s holding you back, it’s usually what’s going on in your kitchen. Start a food log and see what you really are consuming throughout the day. Try committing to a couple of weeks of clean eating. Once you feel the change in your energy and in your body, use that as motivation to keep reaching for your goals.

4.) What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra?

 Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. It’s my passion to show you that you can and you will. It’s your hard work in the gym and discipline in the kitchen that will get you there.

5.) What is your advice for those who want to work out regularly, but don’t really know where to start? What should be the first step for a healthy lifestyle?

If you want to work out but you don’t know where to start, grab a class schedule and start trying out the different programs your gym offers. Classes are fun, easy to follow, full of people with similar goals, and safe for all fitness levels. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t keep going to something you hate. Enjoy your fitness journey and think of how great it’s going to feel when you achieve your goal.

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