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Staying Active as a Part of Healthy Aging

Staying Active as a Part of Healthy Aging

Nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. population will be over sixty-five years of age by the year 2030. However, it can be challenging to stay in good health, prevent falls, and maintain a good quality of life during the aging process.

Although at every age exercise is an important part of good health, many seniors don’t get enough physical activity to age well, despite the numerous benefits that have been proven from doing so. Exercise can help maintain strength and flexibility, improve vitality, reduce the risk for health problems, help with chronic pain, and improve mental function. In fact, our lifestyle choices have the most powerful impact on aging bodies, and choosing a healthy lifestyle can have a major effect.

In active people, the lungs function more efficiently, supplying the body with more oxygen, and the circulation of blood is better also, increasing the supply of both to the brain. Additionally, physical activity is the best way to maintain metabolic function. Regular aerobic exercise along with strength training can help prevent the increase of body fat and maintain muscle mass. Weight bearing exercise also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, helping bones to stay strong and dense.

Unfortunately, in the U.S. more than two million seniors go to the emergency room each year because of fall-related injuries. Yet, balance exercises could help prevent these falls and avoid the disability that could result from falling. Moreover, stretching exercising can help range of motion and provide flexibility. Therefore, for a healthy lifestyle it’s important to incorporate balance and flexibility along with strength and endurance training.

At Pivotal Fitness we help older adults improve their health and reduce the risks associated with a lack of physical activity. Our trainers and instructors are knowledgeable about exercises and strength training that can help balance and flexibility, preventing falls, assisting with pain, and improving both physical and mental health. In addition, our classes offer an opportunity to meet others and cultivate new relationships. Looking and feeling great can inspire the confidence to try new activities and meet new friends.

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