Q&A With Dietitian, Cheyenne Richards

Q&A With Dietitian, Cheyenne Richards

1.) What is your favorite exercise that you use most frequently to  counsel your clients, and why? 

Walking. Walking is totally underrated (although new tools and apps such as Fitbit are giving walking some true credibility). Walking provides many of the same benefits of other types of activity (e.g., burns calories, increases blood flow, enhances mood). It’s also cheap and easy.

2.) How do you stay motivated throughout the year to stick to your fitness routine?

Personally, I try to think in terms of my overall lifestyle. I often clients tell clients that it’s their overall dietary pattern and fitness routine that matter, not any one particular thing the ate or workout they accomplished.

3.) What tip would you give to people that are struggling to stay on track?

Try to identify obstacles that are getting in the way of you accomplishing your goal.

 4.) What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra?

Clear thinking leads to good decisions, that good decisions lead to the right habits, that the right habits lead to character, and that character becomes destiny.- lord Acton


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