Q&A With Pivotal Fitness Trainer, Charlie Mitchell

Q&A With Pivotal Fitness Trainer, Charlie Mitchell

Charlie is a personal trainer because it’s his passion to contribute a lifestyle change to the community. Whether you’re inexperienced with exercise, in a more advanced stage of training, or just coming back from an injury; Charlie will use his exercise background to provide you with optimized training. His programs will enhance performance in desired activities, prevent future injuries, and improve quality of life to reach your fitness goals. His favorite workouts include functional training and high intensity training, along with daily mobility because it gets the best results!

Overcome your barriers and enjoy life to its fullest.
Tip: Perseverance, Don’t give up! It always gets better!


1.) What is your favorite exercise that you use most frequently to train your clients, and why?

Supersets are incorporated in many of my clients workout programs. It shortens the rest Between sets and will increase intensity by performing more work and less time. Supersets are great for developing muscularity, but to increase strength I increase the load after each set.

2.) How do you stay motivated throughout the year to stick to your fitness routine?

It’s really not that hard to stay motivated. My clients are my best inspiration and motivators. Their expectations of new exercises and programs constantly keeps me on my toes. I stay motivated by developing programs specifically for each client that they may need to help achieve their goals, as a result I get excited when I see the clients are excited when seeing positive changes in their body.

3.) What tip would you give to people that are struggling to stay on track?

Eliminate any negatives in your life, negativity is the number one deterrent for an individual’s success. Also develop short term goals and use these as stepping stones to achieve that ultimate goal.

4.) What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra?

Always be positive and you will enjoy life to its fullest.

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