Q&A With Pivotal Fitness Trainer, Becky Benton

Q&A With Pivotal Fitness Trainer, Becky Benton

Becky was born and raised here in the Charleston area. She found it hard to loose her 40lbs of pregnancy weight after her second child. She worked hard to find the way and the inspiring energy of a few instructors that lead her to where she is now. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and loves helping people find their way to good health and learning to love who they are when they look in the mirror.

1.) What is your favorite exercise that you use most frequently to train your clients, and why? 

I love deadlift. It’s a functional full body workout. When I have clients ready for this move they appreciate how strong they can become doing deadlifts. Everyone is unique in their goals but the functionality of deadlifts can be used for lots of people.

2.) How do you stay motivated throughout the year to stick to your fitness routine?

My clients and gym members inspire me to keep it up. I see people working full time jobs and handling kids and a busy life, and they find the time and energy.  They remind me we all have a lot on our plates and staying healthy for ourselves and our family’s  needs to be a priority.

3.) What tip would you give to people that are struggling to stay on track?

I would remind them they don’t have to be perfect. They are allowed to be human. Things happen just get back to it and don’t stay detailed. Healthy isn’t about never missing a workout and eating 100% clean. It’s about balance and moderation and moving ones body.  There is a whole life outside the gym. Enjoy it but don’t forget to take care of yourself by exercising and eating right.

 4.) What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra?

“Do or do not, there is no try.”-yoga

Yes I’m a geek but it really does remind me to not take life so seriously and just get it done!

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