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Why Work with a Pivotal Fitness Personal Trainer?

It's a fact. You’ll get faster, better, and more sport-specific results when you work with a Pivotal personal trainer. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a recent resolutionist or anything in between, our personal trainers have advanced specialties beyond their certifications and degrees to help you lose weight, run faster, sprint better, get back in shape, or help support you in changing your lifestyle.

  • Personal Training
    We have one-on-one training for individuals and athletes alike, no matter what your level of fitness or specialization. From 30 minute re-conditioning circuits for those who’ve taken an extended gym-vacation to ultra-focused, performance-based athletic workouts in our Performance Shop areas, we have it all. We know that finding the right trainer is essential to your fitness growth, thus we want you to experience our trainers first-hand.
  • Team Training
    If you find personal training to be a little expensive, but still seek individualized attention and motivation, you can build your own team of friends or co-workers or request a “team” to train with and we will find you one. Teams of up to six members will be placed in a group who become your allies while you all work through the sessions together. With this new team training format, you only pay a fraction of the cost, while gaining the benefits of both a certified trainer and a team to support you.
  • Coached Small Group Workouts
    We also have coached small-group workouts, like Forge’s strength training and Red Zone’s heart-rate based interval training. Each participant of these small groups of up to 24 participants gets the intensity of personal training with the camaraderie of a group workout. You really get “trained” to improve your cardiovascular health, agility, strength and stamina, so you can push past your normal limits. Oh, and the 1,000 calorie-burn is a pretty awesome bonus.

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