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Meeting The Challenge of Staying Fit While Traveling

Meeting The Challenge of Staying Fit While Traveling

Whether you’re on the road for business or if it’s time for a fun vacation, you may be wondering how to keep your fitness goals on track, or have fun without fitness regrets. Although being consistent is vital when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, this may seem challenging without access to your own gym and kitchen.

However, like many challenges, preparing yourself beforehand with a specific plan rather than just a general goal can help you to succeed. That’s why we’ve put together a simple workout plan that you can perform in limited space without any equipment needed, and one that requires very little time while accomplishing a total body workout.

  • Start with a 5-minute warm-up to promote blood flow and loosen muscles by doing jumping jacks, imaginary jump rope, high-knee jogging in place, and mountain climbers. Choose one or two, or do each one after another, but keep moving at a steady pace. Remember, this is only to warm-up before beginning your workout.
  • To combine core strengthening along with arms and shoulders, turn your straight-arm planks into up and down planks.
  • Abdominal muscles can get tightened and defined through a variety of crunch moves, including traditional, toe touch, bicycle crunches, and so many others.
  • For butt and legs, squats can be performed without the additional of any external weights, try bodyweight squats, sumo squats, or bump it up with jump squats.
  • Triceps can get an awesome workout with chair dips anywhere there’s a chair
  • Pushups can be done in many different variations, such as incline pushups that are great for beginners, or decline pushups for a greater challenge. Pushups are great for working arms, chest, hips, legs, and core at the same time.

These are some terrific examples of ways to maximize your workout time and space, but there are nearly endless choices and variations of exercises that can be performed based upon your fitness level and enthusiasm. Initially, do what you can and work toward doing more repetitions each workout as you gain strength. Then, the goal should be toward increasing the variety and intensity of your movements as the repetitions become easier.

Always stretch following your workout to maximize flexibility and range of motion, and to decrease the risk of injury. Finally, remember to fuel your body with the right food in order to give yourself the energy you need while traveling, and to prevent returning from your trip wondering how to rid yourself of all those extra pounds. Try to make the majority of the meals you consume consist of fresh vegetables with a serving of protein. Add in some fresh fruit and nuts, and try to limit those liquid calories. The important thing is to just do the best you can by making the best possible choices.

To learn more about staying fit, let our personal trainers help you. These fitness professionals can help you get better, faster, regardless of your current level, in ways that that work with your lifestyle. To schedule time with one of our certified specialists, contact us today at www.pivotalfitness.com.

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