Why We Love Indoor Cycling!

Why We Love Indoor Cycling!

If you haven’t tried Indoor Cycling yet, it’s time. Fans love it: it’s easy on the body, torches calories, is great for glutes, and time flies by. And that’s just for starters!

Yo, Roadies: many outdoor cyclists come inside for the cold winter months not just to avoid the cold; cycling gear is better than ever and came keep you toasty on days even below the freezing point. Here’s the thing: the controlled atmosphere of an indoor cycling class allows for awesome off-season training. You can build whatever kind of road you want: hills, flats, pace riding, or intervals without worrying about stop signs, lights or cars, focusing on terrain that might not be in your back yard.

12 Reasons why we love Indoor Cycling!

  1. All Fitness Levels can do it! A newbie, deconditioned rider can be next to a pro and both riders can get an awesome workout.

CAVEAT: Almost all adults and teens can fit on an indoor cycling bike. In our experience, most kids 12 years and up will fit. Our minimum age for participation in all classes is 14 years of age which encompasses most kids’ size no matter what spectrum they are on growth charts.

2. It’s not complicated! Have you ever tried to do a Group Fitness Class and went right when the class went left? :/  But in indoor cycling if you want to ride a flat while others are on a hill, NO ONE CARES. The instructor might make sure you are OK, but their main goal is to make the ride fun and inclusive for all. Ride your ride your way for how you feel today. Is the energy amazing when you are on the same road as the instructor? Absolutely! But your road can lie on a parallel path and still be fun! (:

3. Easy on the joints! Ask around: how many peeps in an indoor cycling class used to be runners? Indoor cycling allows you to crush it you without the stress to the knees, back, hips, shins, and ankles that could be limiters in other forms of cardio.

4. Time flies by! Participants get lost in the road and the music. Before you know it, the ride is over!

5. Sweaty and energized! Indoor cycling is fun, inspirational, and the fatigue you may feel on a segment morphs into an energized spirit by the end of class.

6. HIIT made easy! The risk of injury in cycling (even when sprinting) is almost non-existent. Not so much in running. If you want to join the High Intensity Interval Training crowd but don’t tolerate running, cycling is the perfect substitution.

7. Heart and lungs get stronger! Indoor cycling improves overall fitness as well or better than any other form of cardiovascular activity.

8. Improve your bottom line! Indoor cycling is a great glute, hamstring, and calf strengthener, not to mention awesome for the back of the arms: your triceps.

9. Conditions your core! Your back and core will get stronger!

CAVEAT: you get what you practice. If you practice terrible posture on the bike, don’t expect your posture to get better. Listen to the form cues from the instructor: your shoulders should not rise up to meet your ears, use your postural muscles to draw your shoulders down and open your chest. Good posture on the bike takes effort, which is why you will get stronger! If you fatigue and slump into your shoulders, take a quick break, realign your posture, and get going again!

10. Stress reliever! As you get focused on the ride, stress melts away as the body gets into it’s happy-place.

11. Whether your goal is weight loss or maintenance indoor cycling torches between 400 and 1000 calories per class. Why the large variation? Larger riders burn more calories, and 60-minute rides burn at least 25% more calories than 40-45 minute rides. Effort matters too: recovery rides require less effort than race-day rides.

12. And last but not least! How about FUN! Let’s get in there and RIDE! See you on the bike!

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