Jessica Hull Dambaugh Q&A

Jessica Hull Dambaugh Q&A

Meet Jessica Hull Dambaugh! Jessica had been a member for 12 years and an instructor for the last 8! She’s an ACE certified fitness instructor and also holds certifications in Spinning, Insanity, and BodyCombat. She’s a mom to 2 young children and a flutist for the Charleston Symphony. Her cycling classes are very popular with our 8:30am group.

1.) What is your favorite exercise that you use most frequently to train your clients, and why? I LOVE cycling!  What’s great about teaching cycling is that everyone can ride at their level.  Each rider is completely in control of their own bike, so it’s a great class that can challenge both new riders and cycle veterans.  In my cycling classes, I love doing interval rides.  During interval profiles, we can work so many aspects of fitness – lower body strength, cardio endurance, AND height intensity sprints.  It’s a great format to meet a variety of fitness goals.

2.) How do you stay motivated throughout the year to stick to your fitness routine?

I like to set both short and long term goals for myself.  It might be a monthly goal of incorporating more strength work, or if it’s around the holidays, I’ll make a goal to be more mindful of my eating habits.  Keeping an exercise and food journal (or using a great fitness app) is a great way to hold yourself accountable and provide self motivation.  It’s a great way to track your progress, note areas for improvement, and develop personal goals for the future.

3.) What tip would you give to people that are struggling to stay on track?

Schedule your workouts into your life and stick to it!  Being that my work schedule with the Charleston Symphony varies from week to week, I literally have to sit down and schedule where/when/what I’m going to do each day.  Doing this enables me to make sure I’m meeting my goals for the week and fitting in a balanced routine of cardio, weights, intervals, and rest days. Some days I only get 20 minutes of dumbbell/core work in my living room before my kids wake up, other days are classes at the gym or a run on the greenway in between errands.  Every little bit counts!

4.) What is your favorite inspirational quote or mantra?

Get out of your comfort zone!  Don’t be afraid to push your heart rate just a bit higher,  add more weight during your strength training, or try something new!  If you’re a runner, try doing a few sprints during your next run.  If you love group exercise, try a new format – you just might find your next exercise addiction!

5.) What is your advice for those who want to work out regularly, but don’t really know where to start? What should be the first step for a healthy lifestyle?

Fitness classes are a great place to start!  The advantage to fitness classes is that you have the guidance of a professional along with the contagious energy of a group setting.  Find a class that you love and commit to it on a weekly basis.  Start with weekly (or even daily) exercise goals and gradually build up the number of workouts per week.  Before you know it, you won’t be able to imagine your life without exercise!

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