Fit at Any Age

Fit at Any Age

The risks of all kinds of diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular, are reduced by about 50% in people who exercise. Additionally, studies show that active people live about five years longer on average than inactive people, and exercise helps keep the brain cells healthy by delivering plenty of oxygen to the brain.

In order to enjoy good health, exercise is important regardless of age. A low impact exercise routine is an essential part of experiencing physical fitness at any age by stretching muscles, and improving flexibility and balance. In addition, exercise can help you prevent injuries, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and just make you feel terrific!

Although nearly everyone would agree that exercise is important, many forms may be just plain boring and hard to stick with doing. Yet for active adults who love to have fun and move to music, Zumba Gold may just be the answer. In this Latin-inspired cardio dance class, a variety of exercises are designed to increase range of movement, coordination, and muscular strength.

Keeping joints from being stressed, while burning calories with fun music and a good group of friends makes workout time both fun and safe. Better still, it’s a workout that can be done all year round, regardless of the weather, unlike many outdoor activities, and it requires no machines.

This class is easy to follow and focuses on all elements of fitness, resulting in both muscle mass and strength. Of course if there are any health concerns, it’s good to check with a doctor before beginning any new regimen. So if you like to feel strong and healthy while having fun and toning up to upbeat rhythms, check out our Zumba Gold class schedule today and find the class that anyone can do, (including seniors) at


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