Realign your body and mind with yoga from Pivotal Fitness. Not only is yoga a great strength training workout, but the calming atmosphere of yoga classes offers a time where you can recharge mentally. We offer a variety of yoga classes that focus on different aspects of yoga and offer different benefits to your health and wellness. Visit any of our 4 Charleston area locations to try yoga for yourself.

This slower flow allows for postures and transitions to be broken down and explored in greater detail. Both new and seasoned practitioners will access hidden strength, flexibility and peace of mind. Fundamental workouts like this are not meant to be a place you graduate from, but a place to survey and re-investigate your foundation. Classroom is heated to 78 - 80 degrees.

Vinyasa 60 is the hour version of our signature vinyasa yoga class fusing complexity, simplicity, strength, length, steadiness and ease. Class is flow/vinyasa based to develop strength and stamina while embracing flexibility and grace. Vinyasa 75 features a longer Savasana and extra sequencing. Classroom is heated to 78-80 degrees.

Solar Flow combines the heat-building structure of Warrior Flow with a gently heated (85 degree) room. The external heat boosts the mobilizing and detoxifying elements of the Flow practice. Prior experience with Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is strongly recommended.

Warrior Flow practices begin with a brief warm up, followed by sun salutations to build heat in the body. Once the internal fire has been stoked, a strong standing sequence will challenge stability and increase mobility. The class will wrap with seated postures, backbends and inversions to cultivate an overall sense of steadiness and ease in the body. Some prior experience with yoga is recommended. Room is heated to 90 degrees.

Hot Yoga classes are heated up to 104 degrees. The external heat is balanced with a practice that encourages stillness and strength, both physically and mentally. The stillness allows for easy modification for all fitness levels, and the heat presents a challenge to the mind while opening the body. Hot Yoga is also excellent for those with wrist and shoulder injuries who cannot safely enjoy a flow/vinyasa practice. Come to class hydrated and bring water and a towel for your mat.

Accessible to all levels, Deep Stretch will incorporate a variety of styles and techniques to encourage mobility and increase flexibility. The stillness required to open the body has a great impact on the nervous system as well, reducing stress and improving mental clarity.