Best Resolution Ever!

Best Resolution Ever!

Want a resolution that you can achieve and will change your life? Get strong enough to be able to move YOU.

Strength is not something you lose with age; it’s lost with inactivity and disuse. The body was designed to be able to move itself through space. To be fully functional, you should be able to move your body weight around. Simple, right? Easy? Not!

The Fab Four

Master these 4 exercises and you are on your way to having a strong, functional body that will resist injury and give you awesome performance whether you are working around the house, helping with Habitat for Humanity, or doing a Tough Mudder.

1. The Pull-Up.

Arguably the Pull-Up is the hardest of the 4, at least for most women. The national average for high school girls has been 0 since the 1960s when the Presidential Council of Physical Fitness first started testing girls in high school. Don’t despair though; Pull-Ups are absolutely do-able!

2. The Push-Up.

If you were only allowed to do ONE exercise for a whole year, most personal trainers would choose the Push-Up. The variations that can be incorporated in the Push-Up are endless, the core strength is awesome, and if you are doing a Push-Up correctly, every joint in the body has something to do. Planks, the latest and greatest core exercise, are only Push-Ups that have not had the movement added back in (of going down and up). Because of this, a well-executed Push-Up requires even more core strength than a plank. If you cannot do a good Push-Up from your toes, it’s time to get busy.

3. The One-Legged Squat.

Each leg should be strong enough to support your entire body weight. The goal is for each leg to be strong enough to drop your body down and then go back up again independently.

4. The Triceps-Dip

It is terribly sad to see, but if you have ever seen an elderly person sitting in a chair, unable to push themselves up and out of the chair, and needing some kind of rocking momentum to get out, you have an idea of why the ability to do at least one body weight Triceps-Dip is so important. The goal is to have your hands on a bar, be able to lower your weight down to a 90-degree bend of the elbow, and push yourself back up.


Master the Fab Four and share your experiences with us. For help enlist one of our certified personal trainers. Resolution goal success depends on consistency in the environment of a supportive network with achievable goals. We have expertise in skill and habit acquisition, goal setting, and accountability. Let us be your partner this year for your success. You will be glad you did!

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