Beat the Summer Heat with Indoor Cycling

Beat the Summer Heat with Indoor Cycling

Avoiding exercise because of hot weather and high humidity isn’t an option when you value your health and fitness. Yet exercising in summer’s high temperatures can dangerously raise your internal body heat, putting stress on your heart and lungs, and affecting your performance and health.

However, a terrific and fun way to get your cardiovascular workout in each week is with a low impact, high intensity indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling decreases body fat and body mass, increasing strength while working calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Additionally, indoor cycling is great for any fitness level because you can control the difficulty of your workout. Although an instructor leads the class through various speeds and resistances, there are also recovery periods with easier pedaling.

Upbeat music and the flow of endorphins lifts your mood and energy level with each push of the pedal, and it’s easy to visualize pedaling on a shady country lane or climbing a scenic rise above the ocean. Your cycling adventure is limited only by your imagination. No more worries about traffic, heat stress risks, sunburn, injuries, or falls, just a great a workout set to awesome music.

Our Studio Cycle classes are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. Find out more about our Studio Cycle class schedule today at and discover a convenient time to beat the summer heat with our low impact, high intensity indoor cycle class.

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