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Why is Barre Fusion a Great Workout for Me?

Why is Barre Fusion a Great Workout for Me?

Nearly any fitness plan can produce positive results if you enjoy it or are determined enough to stick with it. However, different routines can certainly produce different results. Therefore, it may be important to begin with an assessment of what you want to achieve.

If you sit at desk all day, it may be important to you to work on your posture, flexibility, and strength, while burning some calories. If you currently do a lot of strength training, you might want to add a class that is body weight focused with high repetitions to stretch and lengthen those muscles. Although these two scenarios may seem very different, the same solution may be found by incorporating a barre fusion class into your schedule. In fact, to create your leanest, best body, a combination of classes is the most desirable.

Barre is well known for its ability to tone, shape, improve postural alignment, and enhance both core strength and mobility. This low impact class is also fast-paced and challenging for all areas of the body, resulting in strong, elongated muscles. Yet, nearly anyone can do barre fusion regardless of age or fitness level and still reap the rewards.

While Barre is a ballet inspired workout, you don’t need to be a ballerina in order to perform these moves, and it has become an extremely popular choice for those who enjoy a safe, fun, and effective fitness routine. These classes may include mat-based warm ups and core focused sessions, lower body isometric moves at the bar, and plenty of arm exercises too.

The low weight isometric routines consist of smaller movements with more repetitions, which help you to build endurance. Additionally, it’s a highly efficient form of training, as you raise your heart rate while challenging many muscle groups simultaneously. Perhaps best of all, this workout is a safe way to strengthen your muscles without the risks of tendon or ligament strains typically found in other forms of training.

If you want to feel a major change in your body, and develop terrific posture, gracefulness, and strength, check out our Barre Fusion class schedule today at www.pivotalfitness.com for an awesome addition to your fitness routine. Our trainer, Lois Smith, invites you to join herĀ at the barre and get a total body workout every single time with great focus on your core with a combination of ballet, yoga, and Pilates.

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