Our Story

Pivotal Fitness was founded in Charleston, SC in 2004. For the first ten years of our existence we weren’t much different than other health clubs. We had lots of equipment, good group fitness classes and a kids club, but it just wasn’t enough. We recognized that fitness trends were changing quickly. We heard our members asking for the latest workouts available, and most importantly, we wanted to be a more integral part of our members’ lifelong commitment to fitness, performance and wellness.

So we went back to the drawing board in an effort to recreate ourselves. What resulted was a commitment to build the best health and wellness company in each market that we operate - based on four key principles.

Greater Variety

Constant Innovation

Unparalleled Value

Exceptional Instruction

If you have never been to one of our locations we invite you in to experience Pivotal. If you were once a member, we invite you back the see the difference. You’ll see why Pivotal is:


choice for members seeking state-of-the-art facilities – offering the largest variety of equipment and classes under one roof.


choice for members seeking coached workouts from elite trainers with specialty expertise.


choice where members at every level can improve their health through fresh, original programs and education

Something’s new at Pivotal, and we invite you to see what we have in store.

  • Fitness
    Pivotal offers the variety you need to build the body you want. At Pivotal, we developed six boutique, studios that contain the most popular fitness trends. For less than the cost of one membership at a competitor studio, our members get all six of ours, along with a premium gym with hundreds of pieces of the latest equipment. Members get to choose several different types of classes and workouts and build a program that feels unique to them.
  • Performance
    Pivotal personal trainers are high-performance, high-energy, and highly effective. They’re trained and certified to help you accomplish your goal, whether you want to perfect your game, shave seconds off your run, or train for your next iron man. When performance matters, it has to be Pivotal.
  • Wellness
    Everybody knows that exercise is only half the equation. Actually, nutrition, sleep, and stress management account for more than half of what you need to reach your goals. At Pivotal, we have all the educational resources you need, so our members at every level can improve their health and live their best life. Feeling great doesn’t require a six pack. And neither do our wellness programs. If you’ve been out of the game or just need a boost, we’ve got you covered.

PLAY is a fun, interactive environment for kids, where they have a safe environment to play, exercise, explore and learn, while also building a healthy foundation for life. At Pivotal, the health of your whole family is important to us, even the little ones!

Our PLAY clubs offer moms, dads and care-givers the opportunity to maintain their exercise routines, while enjoying the best in kid-care available. PLAY is open during our business club and studio times.

As your children grow we offer a number of membership and training programs to safely transition them to their own goals and passions for fitness, performance and wellness. Whether they become athletes in school or pursue other forms of exercise, PLAY is where it all begins.

Parents and Guardians of our kids at PLAY must be members at Pivotal and present in the gym while their children are with us

Our Corporate Wellness Programs

At Pivotal, we can help you offer a corporate wellness program to your team that rivals those Silicon Valley programs adored by many an employee. You may not be ready to build nap-pods and meditation suites on-site at your company, but we can certainly put together a premium fitness and wellness experience your employees will rave about.

The size of the Pivotal facilities, combined with the boutique feel of the studio spaces, offers us the expertise and the amenities that most gyms can’t offer. We will bring our talent, our resources, and our facilities to the table, as we work one-on-one with you to build a corporate program, designed to improve your employees’ health and satisfaction in the workplace.