7 Tips to Curb Calories on Thanksgiving

7 Tips to Curb Calories on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is perhaps our most universally important holiday; gratitude, appreciation, graciousness, and thankfulness are the foundations of living a truly happy life. It could be argued that there is no true happiness without service and the privilege to be in the position to serve. Thanksgiving reminds us every year of our blessings and the importance of being thankful for what we have.

Calories abound at the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Without skipping the stuffing or cranberries, here are some ways to curb calories and enjoy every moment of Thanksgiving.


1. Don’t get tied to the house; get some exercise. Go on a walk after dinner. Go on a walk in the morning. Put the turkey in the oven and go on a bike ride. Take the family. Bring a Frisbee or football and throw it as you walk. Make it fun for the whole gang.

2. SLOW down. Eat slowly and enjoy the conversation. If you eat slower you WILL eat less.

3. Give thanks for your bounty, your family, your friends, your health, your blessings. Gratitude in all things. Every bite, be grateful.

4. Make your portions small-ish. Take your attention off your food and onto the conversation.

5. Drink water. And drink more water. If you drink wine or alcohol, have it be during dinner. If you keep a glass of water in your hands it can help you avoid the insidious extra calories from alcohol.

6. Skip pointless calories. If you can buy it at your local grocery store, don’t eat it. Doritos? Chips? M & M’s? Don’t waste your precious calories on processed foods; wait for the dishes that make your feast special. The foods that create memories. The foods that define your unique family’s feast.

7. Extra credit awesome strategy: HELP OUT IN THE KITCHEN! Instead of hanging out with the appetizers and wine, help with food prep, cleaning as you go, setting the table, making homemade centerpieces, etc.

We wish you a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by friends and family and feel grace and gratitude throughout your home. May your heart be full with love and may that fill your soul and spirit and physical body.

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