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7 Fun Ways to Get Outside, Torch Calories and Reset Your Inner Adventurer!

7 Fun Ways to Get Outside, Torch Calories and Reset Your Inner Adventurer!

What are you waiting for? Get out there! Have some fun and enjoy the fall!

The fall is beckoning! Leaves are on full show, strutting their colors, waiting to be admired. The sun is still warm, the air is slightly cool; could it be more perfect for an outdoor adventure?

Take your gym fitness outside! Whether you need solitude to reset your soul, want to share the time with a friend, have time for a day’s adventure, or just need an hour’s respite, the call of fall is waiting for you.

Here are 7 awesome ways to spend outside anywhere from an hour to a day.

Get on your bike!

If it has been sitting in the garage for an eternity, take it to your local bike shop and get a tune up. This machine needs to move! You can cover a lot of ground on a bike; it’s slow enough that you get to see the scenery and enjoy the day, and fast enough that you can go fairly far in an hour, and gentle enough that you could be out all day if you want. How perfect is that?

It can be more of an adventure if you drive to a fun place to ride, but don’t let that stop you! We all have awesome places to ride; the city can be a fun adventure.

Cycling is an awesome calorie burner. Expect to burn about 400-700 per hour depending on your size, your speed, the terrain, and the type of bike you are riding.

What gets worked: glutes and triceps are big beneficiaries (yea!), but also expect your quads, hammies, calves, lats, and back to shape up!



Don your kicks and go on a hike!

No, you don’t need hiking boots to hike! Sneakers work great; any gym shoe will do the trick. The word hiking evokes pictures of mountains and meadows with rivers and streams, but any long walk will do. If it is a city hike, make your destination a coffee shop or somewhere fun where you can spend a little time before trekking home.

Whether you have a beach nearby, woody trails, or are city bound, hiking is a great way to burn anywhere between 400-600 calories per hour (go faster, burn more and if you are a larger, more muscular build, you will burn more than a smaller petite person).

What gets worked: Legs, hips, and thighs, overall posture and core


Stand up Paddle Boarding is not only for those hot, awesome summer days. In many parts of the country, water is still manageable, and when it’s not, that’s what wetsuits were made for. SUP is not only a good calorie burner at about 300-500 per hour, it is also one of the most awesome core workouts. To get the best postural benefits stand tall and make sure you paddle evenly on both sides of the board.

What gets worked: Everything core and everything else! Totally worth the chance of falling in.


If you haven’t tried it, it’s time! How awesome to hear only the splash of water on your kayak or the sound of your paddle. It’s an instant back-to-nature workout. Kayaking can take you about as close to nature as it comes. Even if you are with a friend, the experience can be spiritual, restorative, and silent.

Depending on your size, expect to burn about 300-500 calories per hour.

What gets worked: upper body, core, overall leg/body workout.

Inline Skating

Whether you want to find your inner child or your inner hockey player, inline skating is fun, fast, and great for people watching or just scooting along. Find your boardwalk and go! Inline skating is an impressive calorie burner too, scoring anywhere between 500-800 calories per hour, depending on your size and speed.

What gets worked: awesome glute, hip, and outer thigh exercise. Not only that, inline skating scores big point for a great core and overall posture workout.


 Ultimate Frisbee

You haven’t played yet? So much fun! Anyone can play; you will forget it is a workout because it is so enjoyable. Time will buzz by while you and a friend(s) enjoy the camaraderie of fun, friendly competition. Not only that, but ultimate Frisbee boasts some impressive calorie burns in the 400-600 range.

What gets worked: overall cardio and leg workout, as well as arms and shoulders.


How often do you see those courts free? It is such a shame, when tennis is social, fun, a great calorie burner, and requires skill acquisition (which is not only great for focus but fires up different areas of your brain. Why is that important? The brain needs to have stimulation of all kinds in order to stay sharp as you age. Skill acquisition fires up different areas than thought based workouts like crossword puzzles). Tennis is also serves as a social exercise outlet for all ages. Anyone can learn, and the exercise is awesome. Expect to burn 450-650 calories per hour.

What gets worked: overall great exercise, leg workout, arms, core and shoulders.

            Get out there and have some fun! Share your ideas and experiences in the comment section of PEAK magazine at www.pivotalfitness.com and give us more ideas for taking your gym fun outside!


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