6 Week Transformation Challenge

6 Week Transformation Challenge



At Pivotal and EcoFitness we know there is greatness within you, and our purpose is to provide our members with the tools to bring it out. Therefore we are constantly developing new and innovative programs. Our latest is the TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE (TC).

  1. What is the TC?

The TC is a six week program designed to provide the education, support and tools to accelerate your progress towards your fitness, performance and wellness goals.

  1. How does it work?

Participants are placed in teams of 6 – 10, and are led throughout the challenge period by one of our certified personal trainers. We offer two separate TC groups:

  • TC Weight Loss is for individuals looking for coaching to support better health and a higher quality of life. More than losing inches, participants also increase strength and gain flexibility, balance and tone.
  • TC Strength is for individuals looking to reshape their bodies by adding strength and lean body mass.
  1. What is included?

Weekly One-Hour Team Training Session     Jump-Start Your Health Guide

Unlimited RedZone Workouts                          Nutrition Information

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes                    Team for Encouragement

Before and After Assessments                        10% Discount on Personal Training

Weekly Workout Challenges                            $20 Discount on Heart-Rate Monitors

  1. What is the cost?

$159 per member ($99 for Strength members)

$219 per non-members (includes full gym access for 6 weeks)

  1. When can I register?

September 6th – September 17th

Late registration, subject to availability, through September 24th at a $20 additional fee.

  1. Are there prizes?

Yes. Over $2,500 in prizes will be awarded to participants that meet their individual goals, including a $1,000 Grand Prize to one participant selected based on goal attainment, before-after photos, measurements and an experience essay.

  1. What are the key dates to save?

Kick Off Party                                          Celebration Night

September 24th, 10am-1pm                                    November 4th, 6-8pm

  1. Want to go solo?

Members who can’t join a team can still get the Jump-Start Guide, and then participate on their own for a $50 fee.


For More Information Contact the Front Desk or Megan Berrard at megan.berrard@pivotalfitness.com.

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