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4 Secrets to Making Your Healthy Meals More Enjoyable

4 Secrets to Making Your Healthy Meals More Enjoyable

An awesome meal is about so much more than its taste. The company with whom we enjoy a meal, and the little touches like candlelight, music or table linens influence our emotional states and the way we experience our food in a profound way. Our five senses can all be utilized to enhance our dining pleasure.

Studies have discovered fascinating outcomes about the manner in which we perceive our food, which have little to do with the actual flavors of the food that is served. Having an awareness of these sensations can allow us to understand better, not only how to prepare healthier items, but to enjoy them more. Experiment with these concepts and add pleasure to your healthy mealtime.

  • Hearing is Enjoying – The crunch sound is associated with freshness. By simply adding toasted seeds or nuts to a salad, that crunch is enhanced and our perception is that we are enjoying an even fresher and more delicious salad.
  • Wake up and Smell the Coffee – In order to fully experience food, smelling it is essential. Anything that weakens the scent of food also lessens its flavor. For example, putting a lid on a cup of coffee dilutes its fresh-ground and roasted taste by blocking its full aroma. Certainly, fruits at their ripest have a delicious scent that contributes to their sweet flavor. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of a bubbling pot of soup or the fresh scent of citrus.
  • Be an Artist at Mealtime – Treat yourself to an attractive table by using appealing dinnerware and linens. Use a variety of colors in the foods that you serve each meal, which will not only improve its health benefits, but also enhance its appeal to the eye. Try taking your meal outdoors and eat it in lovely surroundings whenever possible, and notice how much more delicious your food actually tastes. When indoors, make your dining area a beautiful space by adjusting the lighting, hanging appealing artwork, or perhaps some fresh flowers. Then, take the time to sit down and savor your meal.
  • Shape Can Influence Taste – Research has shown that even the shape of food items can alter the way we perceive its flavor. Oddly, food that is presented in round shapes is perceived as sweeter tasting than those that are angularly shaped, even though they are identical. Experiment with cutting or shaping various foods and try your own flavor tests.

It’s possible to make every evening a relaxed and memorable dining experience, without the need for often unhealthy and expensive restaurant dining. Invite friends to enjoy dining at home with you, serve food that you like and is the healthful way you want to eat, and use these tricks for making it the most flavorful and enjoyable meal possible.

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