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10 things to expect as you start to exercise

10 things to expect as you start to exercise

The amazing machine you live in, your body, is highly adaptable. Just one week of exercise starts the process of many positive changes, both internal and external. Don’t expect your body to look like a seasoned exerciser in 1 week, but there are many immediate benefits to enjoy. And remember, that seasoned exerciser does not have superior genes to you; they have the advantage of consistency over time, something you can have too!

You will probably get a little sore after the exercise.

Don’t let that scare you off; you can manage the soreness by starting out with a moderate amount of time and intensity. If your goal is to get an hour of exercise in each day (awesome goal!), start with 20 minutes and work up. Muscles that have not worked in a while need an adaptation period. If you work it right (moderately), the soreness will only last a day or two. Seasoned exercisers who try something new will get sore, but they will describe that they are sore “in a good way”. They can “feel” that they did something new; and although you might describe it as soreness, it’s a ‘good’ kind of sore. Trust us; it’s not a bad thing!

You will be more productive at work.

Exercisers are better producers than non-exercisers in the work place. They will have better focus and brain function. It has been proven that brain function is enhanced through both cardio exercise and weight training. Walking is a great way to clear your head and enhance the creative thinking process. Lots of exercisers will claim to have had their best new ideas while working out.

Today’s tasks are easier.

Exercisers are stronger. Daily tasks such as moving, carrying, pushing, pulling, hauling, fixing, cleaning are just easier when you are stronger.

Your body will be slimmer.

You won’t see the changes much in a week, but at the cellular level, your body is changing to be leaner and start using fat stores more efficiently right out of the gate. Your body composition changes: your body will start the process of building muscle and using fat stores.

Cravings are easier to manage.

Exercise impacts your body’s ability to use and store glucose. Excess dietary sugars create wild swings in dietary hormones that cause cravings to exaggerate. Exercise will help you manage the cravings better than any other tool. As you begin your program here is a strategy to help: every time you feel tempted to eat more after a meal (have just a little more….) or eat something that you are trying to avoid (usually something with sugar), try a short 5-10 minute walk. The movement will change the internal chemistry that is going on in your body, making it easier to manage and avoid the cravings. Don’t think of those mini-walks as a workout per se (you don’t need to don your running shoes, change your clothes and get ready to sweat). Just walk. Just a little. It will help!

You will sleep better.

It is well documented that consistent exercisers sleep better. Sleeping 7-9 hours has been shown to help lower body fat, with optimal sleep being 8-9 hours. Lack of sleep has been shown to increase sugar and high-carb cravings, and to produce a lack of will power to stay on track. Sleeping better makes us feel better, and it also impacts the areas of our lives that help us be slim and strong.

Your self-confidence will improve.

You will begin feeling better immediately from both the internal benefits yielding better overall health which make you feel vibrant from the inside out, and also the external benefits of better muscle tone, less fat, and less total body weight. Your self-confidence will get a positive boost, setting the stage for improved mood and for many, the answer to decrease or wipe out depression. Your sex life is likely to improve too!

Your balance and flexibility will improve.

Exercisers not only have better balance and flexibility, which translates into better skill acquisition, coordination, and movement patterns, and are critical in preventing injury.

Your blood panel will improve.

Exercisers as a whole, have lower total cholesterol levels, lower LDL levels (the bad cholesterol), higher HDL levels (the good cholesterol), and better glucose metabolism. Exercisers with time experience drops in blood pressure. The risks of cardiovascular disease drops by decreasing risk factors such as lower blood pressure, and better blood panel numbers.

Better quality of life.

We are all going to die, but how are we going to get there? With vibrancy? Exercisers are healthier overall and can continue to do functional fun exercise throughout their lives. In other words, exercisers can have more fun! It is not an exclusive club. You do not need lots of money or time to join in. Walking is awesome. You don’t need special shoes (but don’t wear heels).  We love the gym business because of the support, friends, classes, and workouts, to name a few reasons, but if you don’t have money for a gym membership and want to start strength training, start with pushups, squats, dips, and crunches. For more on strength training, click here to see your Training Essentials Kit!

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