Turn back the clock! Consistent, smart exercise can keep you young from the inside out. Focus on strengthening and stretching your muscles to stay supple, strong, and flexible while improving endurance and balance. Class is great for seniors and others with physical considerations that might limit range of motion.

Maximize your time by fusing strength and cardio. Our experienced instructors progress and regress intensity options to make class fun, challenging, and creative. Athletic drills, choreography, weights and any tool at their disposal is game!

Target abs, glutes, and overall body and core strength in this half hour results-based class! Build a better foundation with a variety of functional exercises directed at overall body strength, and postural perfection.

One full hour of funky fun using floor exercises, the step, and light weights to strengthen, tone, and improve cardio conditioning.

Body Pump is a 60-minute weight-based, full-body group-fitness program. Focus is on gaining muscle endurance through each 4-6 minute exercise track. Classes are pre-choreographed; each release should be identical at any facility. Equipment includes free weight plates, barbells, and the step.

Looking to be lean, toned and defined? Who isn’t! Combine muscle endurance, strength, and core for a superior workout that is fun, effective, and results based.

Developed by Biggest Loser Trainer, Jillian Michaels, Body Shred is a half hour of full body core and strength, done with enough speed to give you a cardio challenge. Slow it down if you want to focus on execution and technique; speed it up for an endurance challenge. Each class has four 6-minute intervals consisting of 3 minutes of resistance training for muscular conditioning followed by 2 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning intervals, then 1 minute of active recovery utilizing core focused exercises.

Fun and choreographed, step rivals running and cycling for total calories burned. Add a little choreography, metabolic athletic drills, fun music, and some ab/core work, and you have a very quick hour of a full body blast!